The development of information and communication technologies has caused great changes in the market and business orientation of all industries. This change has not skipped scientific and educational institutions. On the contrary, it has become essential to adopt new rules in education system, develop new curricula and change the way teaching processes are performed.

To meet the current demand for educated staff capable of solving problems of the economy and society, and to become a part of European education system according to the Bologna Declaration, the final goal of Technical College of Applied Studies in Kragujevac in changing its curricula is to increase the quality of all study programs.

Through constant contact with the representatives of the municipality, region, public and private sectors, the College gets information whether there is a need for specific study programs and staff, what are the possibilities for employment of its graduates and what is the quality of their work. This feedback gives an insight into the needs of the market and helps the College to determine the number of students to be enrolled on specific degree programs and whether there is a need to adapt courses and curricula.


The mission of Technical College of Applied Studies in Kragujevac is to educate high-quality experts in the field of informatics, and mechanical and traffic engineering, who possess professional and practically applicable knowledge. The aim of the College is to constantly innovate teaching plans, apply modern educational, technical and technological methods, disseminate scientific knowledge, in line with the needs of economy, individual sector of the city, region and wider community.

By combining the knowledge gained during studies with the practical experience acquired in a particular work environment, by developing the ability to use new information and communication technologies, the College prepares students to quickly and easily integrate into dynamic environment, and to efficiently solve specific problems. By cooperating with a wide environment, the College contributes to its development; while the College graduates contribute to the growth of the College reputation by displaying their practical competence and skills.


The vision of Technical College of Applied Studies in Kragujevac is to develop into a modern education institution, known for the quality of its graduates who possess professional and practically applicable knowledge and who contribute to the development of the city, region and wider community by their ability to solve specific problems.

The goals of the College are:

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