Academy Sumadija is a state-owned accredited higher education institution that organizes vocational studies of first-level (undergraduate studies) and second-level (specialist and master studies).

The Department in Kragujevac was founded in 1959 under the name Higher Technical School in Kragujevac. Its task was to meet the need for staff with higher education degree and to fill the gap between technicians and graduated engineers.

In the period of ten years around 300 students graduated from Higher Technical School in Kragujevac. Those mechanical engineers were mostly scholarship holders of the “Crvena Zastava” factory from Kragujevac, "Prva Petoletka" from Trstenik, Wagon Factory in Kraljevo, "Goša" from Smederevska Palanka, "Krušik" from Valjevo and "Petar Drapšin" from Mladenovac.

Since 1969, the Department in Kragujevac has experienced several transformations in accordance with the law. It worked as Higher School for Education of Workers and later was transformed into Higher Technical School in Kragujevac and was given premises in Kosovska 8.

Since 2007, under the name Technical College of Applied Studies, the Department organized undergraduate vocational studies in accordance with the Bologna Process, and in 2010, it obtained accreditation for Specialist study programs. The Department applied European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to evaluate student’s engagement in mastering the course as a whole, all courses in a semester, year, and overall studies. The undergraduate studies carry 180 ECTS credits, while specialist studies carry 60 ECTS, and students are respectively awarded BSc and Specialist’s diplomas.

Since 2017, the College has organized master studies on the program Road Traffic Engineering that carries 120 ECTS credits. From 2019, in accordance with the law, the specialist studies will belong to the first-level of studies, thus the College intends to transform all its specialist studies into master studies and to accredit them. So far, the study program Road Traffic Management has been successfully transformed into a master study program Road Traffic Engineering.

In 2019, Technical College of Applied Studies in Kragujevac became a part of the Academy of professional studies Sumadija.

  • Kosovska 8, Kragujevac, Serbia
  • Radoja Domanovića 12, Kragujevac, Serbia
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