The outgoing student is entitled to receive a recognition of the mobility period from Academy Sumadija - Department in Kragujevac. Recognition of the mobility period is realized in accordance with the principle of flexibility. The Department in Kragujevac evaluates results that the outgoing student has achieved during the mobility period based on the similarity in the learning outcome rather than the difference between the study programs being compared, whereby the knowledge that the outgoing student has gained from a certain field does not have to be identical, but similar i.e. related to the knowledge that he/she would acquire from a particular subject at the Home institution.


As a rule, the Department in Kragujevac fully acknowledges the courses that an outgoing student has passed at the Host institution based on the Learning Agreement and the Transcript of Records, without implementing a special recognition procedure prescribed by the Law on Higher Education on the recognition of a foreign higher education diploma for the purpose of continuing education.


By signing the Learning Agreement, the Department in Kragujevac allows the student to participate in mobility, to attend activities during the period of mobility and guarantees recognition of ECTS credits and achieved grades. The Learning Agreement is drawn up in English and signed by three parties: the student, the Home institution and the Host institution.


The Transcript of Records is confirmation closely linked with the Learning Agreement, representing the recognition of studies and the credits earned during student’s mobility. Transcript of Records contains: student details, the list of passed exams, grades obtained, ECTS credits achieved per subject, duration of the study program and other relevant information, and an explanation on the method of assessment and scoring (national grading system).


  1. If the passed course is related and has similar learning outcomes as the course of the Home institution, learning outcomes, obtained ECTS credits and achieved grades are recognized.
  2. If the contents of the course deviate significantly from the learning outcome of the study program of the Home institution, the achieved ECTS credits are not counted in the total number of ECTS credits envisaged by the scope of studies, but the subject is specifically recorded in the diploma supplement.


The grading scale at the Department in Kragujevac fully corresponds to the ECTS grading system. Student’s achievement is continuously assessed and it is expressed in points. By fulfilling the exam preceding duties and passing exams, student can achieve maximum of 100 points. Student’s success is assessed by grades from 5 (failed) to 10 (outstanding).

If the grading system at the Department in Kragujevac and the Host institution are not identical, the grades shall be converted into the grades of the Academy in conformity with the ECTS Users' Guide and according to the following comparative table:

Grade Classification Points ECTS grade Percentage
10 Outstanding 91-100 A 10%
9 Excellent 81-90 B 25%
8 Very good 71-80 C 30%
7 Good 61-70 D 25%
6 Sufficient 51-61 E 10%
5 Insufficient – failed ≤50 F


Upon return to the Department in Kragujevac, the outgoing student is obliged to submit in due time a Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records and the Grading System document of the Host institution to the competent Student Mobility Coordinators for the purpose of recognizing mobility.

Student Mobility Coordinators are obliged to evaluate the results achieved by the student during mobility and to prepare a proposal of Decision on the recognition of mobility period and submit it to the Department in Kragujevac Director at least 7 days prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student continues the program at his/her Home institution.


The above mentioned mobility documents are to be submitted to the Student Affairs Office of the Department in Kragujevac for the purpose of entering data in the student's register, no later than 3 days before the beginning of the semester in which the outgoing student resumes studies at the Home institution, as well as for the purpose of entering the said data in the Diploma Supplement.

  1. Passed subjects shall be entered in section 4.3 of the Diploma Supplement (Details of the study program and achieved grades) with the name translated into Serbian, and grades translated into the national grading system, and in section 6.1 (Additional information about the student), information about the student's mobility is entered, stating the name of the Host institution and the period of mobility.
  2. Only passed courses whose content significantly deviates from the learning outcome of the study program of the Home institution shall not be added to the total amount of ECTS obtained during the course of study, which is why they are entered only in section 6.1 of the Diploma Supplement (Additional student information), indicated as "passed subjects that are not envisaged in the study program for acquiring a diploma" with reference to the name of the host institution, the name of the subject in the original language, the original grades and ECTS credits.

Diploma Supplement is issued free of charge, together with diploma.

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