Academy Sumadija - Department in Kragujevac applies European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to evaluate student’s engagement in mastering the course as a whole, all courses in a semester, year, and overall studies. ECTS credits are accumulated for the total student’s engagement related to active teaching (lectures, practical training, term papers, written tests, exams, Final Paper etc.) and independent student work.

In one year, the student accumulates 60 ECTS credits, which corresponds to an average total engagement of 40 hours per week. One ECTS credit corresponds to 25-30 hours of work. 60 ECTS credits are allocated for 1500-1800 hours of work per year in all forms of teaching and all forms of individual learning throughout the year. The total number of hours of active teaching has to be at least 600 hours during a year.


The grading system of the Department in Kragujevac fully corresponds to the ECTS system. The achievement of the student is continuously monitored and expressed in points. By completing pre-exam and exam requirements, the student can earn a maximum of 100 credits. For each course, within the study program, the number of credits earned through pre-exam and exam requirements is determined. Pre-exam requirements participate with 50 credits. The student’s success in the exam is expressed in grades from 5 to 10 with the corresponding number of credits allocated for each grade: grade 6 (six) from 51 to 60 credits, grade 7 (seven) from 61 to 70 credits, grade 8 (eight) from 71 to 80 credits, grade 9 (nine) from 81 to 90 credits and grade 10 (ten) from 91 to 100 credits. Grade 5 is not entered in the student’s ID booklet.


Grade Grade description Number of credits ECTS grade Percentage
10 Outstanding 91-100 A 10%
9 Excellent 81-90 B 25%
8 Very good 71-80 C 30%
7 Good 61-70 D 25%
6 Sufficient 51-61 E 10%
5 Failed ≤50 F
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