Academy Sumadija - Department in Kragujevac ensures the quality of textbooks and other literature through:

The Department in Kragujevac obtains information on the quality of textbooks, literature, library and other resources by conducting student surveys. The students of the Academy can also use the resources of the Library of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and the University Library in Kragujevac.

The Library of the Department in Kragujevac is well equipped with professional literature suitable for its undergraduates. The Academy makes continuous efforts to increase the library funds and acquire books at fairs and on other occasions. A common way of enriching the Library are gifts from the Academy teaching staff.

The Library of the Department in Kragujevac has the status of a professional library. It contains monographs and domestic and foreign publications, textbooks, and other professional literature for the needs of students.

The publications of the Library are at disposal to the Department in Kragujevac students and staff and can be borrowed for a period of up to two months. Certain, rare publications cannot be borrowed, but used only on the premises of the Library.

The Library possesses the collection of over 2250 monographs and over 680 serial publications.


  • Kosovska 8, Kragujevac, Serbia
  • Radoja Domanovića 12, Kragujevac, Serbia
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